Michelle Poulin ’05, M’11 moved to Denver, Colorado in 2011.   Following graduation with a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration in 2005, Michelle joined GE Healthcare in Burlington, VT.  working on healthcare information technology.  After earning her Master of Science in Administration , she moved to Denver, where she initially continued to work for GE Healthcare. In January 2011, Michelle joined the University of Colorado Hospital (UCH) as a trainer for the EPIC electronic medical record implementation team.

UCH has invested almost $70 million to implement a new electronic medical record (EMR) system.  To introduce this new technology, the hospital has had to combine twenty-seven different existing IT systems into one EMR platform.  Michelle’s role in the project is teaching front desk staff, nurses and physicans how to use the new system.  She reports that “… training hospital staff has been a rewarding and challenging experience as I’m also learning clinical workflows.”  In June, 2011, Michelle was promoted to Principle Trainer for the rollout of EPIC software, which is being introduced in UCH’s Rocky Mountain Lions Eye Institute and the UCH Cancer Center.


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