Lindsey graduated in 2009 with a double major in Business Administration and French.  She is currently living in Pau, France (about two hours south of Bordeaux) and enrolled in an assistantship program through the French embassy.  Lindsey works at a small high school in Nay (pronounced Nye), where she teaches high school students conversational English in small group settings (anywhere from 5 to 15 students).  She reports that she is “… absolutely loving every minute!  It’s great to be back in France .” [Lindsey studied abroad in Grenoble, France in her junior year].  She adds that “…I am thoroughly enjoying my time in the classroom; so much so, that I’m actually contemplating enrolling in the Saint Mike’s TESOL program!”   Lindsey has maintained a blog of her experiences living and working in France, at

Lindsey was also part of a team whose business plan,  Joie de Vivre, won the third place prize of $1,000 at the 2009 Enterprise Plan Competition




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