On November 2, 2011, Angela Irvine, Director for Foundation Relations and Sponsored Programs, and Prof. Melinda Micheletto of the Department of Business Administration and Accounting, accompanied eight AC/BU majors to the annual Key4Women Forum.  The  event is an important networking venue for the area’s female executives and entrepreneurs.  It’s also an opportunity to recognize the contributions and achievements of the state’s leading female businesspeople. This year, the Forum honored Mary Powell, President and CEO of Green Mountain Power, for her achievements as a woman in the business world.  Ms. Powell’s comments focused on the topic of courage.  The keynote speaker was Cindy Solomon, an internationally recognized speaker, writer, executive coach and consultant in the fields of customer service, customer loyalty, employee engagement and leadership.  Ms. Solomon is the author of “Creating A Culture Of Courage: The Courage Challenge Workbook”.

Student feedback on the event was fantastic!  Christine Trombley ’12 said “Cindy Solomon is an absolutely phenomenal speaker. I truly appreciated how she focused on all generations and how each group contributes to the work force.”  Christine added that “it was a very empowering conference and I left wishing that all the strong women figures in my life could have attended!”  Fellow BU senior Denise Belanger added that the Forum “… was an uplifting experience that not only led to some great conversations, it was inspirational and encouraging.  I feel energized as I continue my job search rather than discouraged because as one career may seem to be closing, another opens up.”  Andrea Park ’12 described Cindy Solomon as “…inspiring (and also hilarious)” and that the Forum was “a great experience.”  AC/BU double major Lauren Southworth ’12 said she was “thankful to Saint Michael’s for this opportunity to hear first hand how these women navigate in the business world, and to have made some important networking contacts.”   

Angela Irvine summarized the experience at the Forum by saying that this was the first time she had taken students to the event, which she has attended each year since 2005.  In past years, she would attend with staff and/or faculty from the College.  Angela wrote that “…having breakfast and participating in this event with students was very meaningful…The eight young women representing Saint Michael’s College truly reflect our future business leaders.  I was very proud to be at the table with them.”  Prof. Melinda Micheletto echoed those sentiments, saying she was “thrilled” to participate in it.  She has already began working with Angela Irvine to attend next year’s Forum with some of our students.

Pictured left to right:  Meghan Hayes ’12, Jacqueline O’Leary ’12, Christine Trombley ’12, Alexandra Tashjian ’12, Rachel Laufersweiler’12, keynote speaker Cindy Solomon,  Denise Belanger ’12, Andrea Park’12, SMC Director for Foundation Relations and Sponsored Programs Angela Irvine, Lauren Southworth ’12 and Prof. Melinda Micheletto.


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