Tom Hughes/presentation on fraud, financial security and personal responsibility

On November 2, 2011, Tom Hughes came back to campus to speak to Accounting and Business students in a late afternoon open session.  He is a Burlington-area resident who was convicted of committing a series of frauds while working as a bookkeeper/controller at several local businesses.  Since his release in 2007, Tom has become a speaker and consultant on financial security isssues, as well as a frequent guest presenter in business classes here at Saint Michael’s.  In 2010, he was appointed to serve on a special advisory panel formed by the State of Vermont’s Auditor General.  Tom’s presentation to our students focuses on the choices he has made, the impact these choices have had on his family, friends and employers, and how he has attempted to make amends while making a positive contribution to society.  Tom’s powerful story of personal turnaround was, as in all his previous six visits to campus, very impactful on the students.  

 Tom agreed that it would be a good idea to share his message and so we were able to record his presentation and post a link here:


Fran Briand ’11/Headwaters

Fran Briand ’11works at the Burlington, VT office of Headwaters, an investment banking firm.

Dillon J. White ’12/Northeastern University MSA/MBA program

Dillon White ’12 has been accepted to the Masters in Accounting / MBA 15 month program at Northeastern University.  The program begins during the first week in June and consists of 12 months of classes coupled with a three month placement at an accounting firm from January to March.   In addition to his anticipated Saint Michael’s College degree in Business with a minor in Accounting, Dillon brings some impressive experience to his graduate work, including two internships at the Financial Industry Regulation Authority (FINRA) in Rockville, MD, and work as a logistics center manager for Meadowgate Technologies of Elkridge, MD.