On March 2, 2012, two SMC Accounting/Business students, Denise Belanger and Benjamin Hodges, won the Saint Michael’s College Business Ethics Case Competition for their written analysis and presentation on the case study “Bunny Butcher: PETA Protests Donna Karan New York.”  The team received the grand prize of $1,000, as well as $150 for being first-round campus winners.

Denise is the daughter of Guy and Michelle Belanger of Rumford, Maine, and is a graduate of the Mountain Valley High School. Benjamin is the son of David and Joanna Hodges of Salisbury, N.H. and is a graduate of Merrimack Valley High School.

Participating teams for this year’s event, now in its ninth year, were from Champlain College, New England College (N.H.),  Saint Michael’s College,  and the State University of New York at Plattsburgh. 

Student teams at each participating campus had two weeks to analzye and work on the same case study.  Faculty judges at each institution then selected a campus winner from among all papers entered from their college or university.  These campus winning papers were then sent to a panel of outside judges, who assigned a score to each paper using a scoring formula provided by the competition organizer.  Scores for the written round were then carried forward to the finals presentation round, where each campus winner was invited to present their papers to the judges panel.  Following a twenty minute presentation (and a ten minute q+a period) for each team, the judges panel scored the presentations, and scores from the written and presentation rounds were then combined to determine the final rankings.

Judges for this year’s competition were Doug Hoffer, formerly Policy Analyst for the city of Burlington, and now an independent public policy researcher; Jan Marinelli, a consultant specializing in lobbying at the state and local level for businesses and nonprofit organizations; and Rick Peyser, Director of Social Advocacy and Coffee Community Outreach for Green Mountain Coffee Roasters.

Here are links to the press releases Saint Michael’s issued after the event: 



Here is a link to the flyer announcing the event:

Business Ethics Case Competition 2012 flyer


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