On Monday, April 30th, 2012, the Department, in conjunction with Ingrid Peterson of the Office of Career Development, hosted a panel discussion in the Pomerleau Alumni Center on career opportunities in accounting .  The panel featured four alumni: Will Meconi (McGladrey, Boston, MA), Jim Medeiros (PWC, Boston, MA), Stephanie (Parisi) Feeney (National Life, Montpelier, VT), and Josh Partlow (Johnson Lambert,Burlington, VT).  The panelists talked about their respective career trajectories, as well as issues ranging from the value of doing an internship and when was the best time to do one,  to strategies for completing the 150-hour requirement for the CPA designation, to the value of participating in a broad range of activities while in college.  Fourteen AC majors attended the event, along with Profs. Steve Doyon and Frank Farina and department chairperson Robert Letovsky.

The presentations by each of the alums were followed by a lively exchange of ideas and insights during the Q&A period.  Many thanks to Ingrid Peterson for putting it together!



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