On September 10, 2012, The Department of Business Administration & Accounting sponsored a presentation by Jude Blanchette, formerly of the Atlas Economic Research Foundation (AERF), entitled “Great Myths about Today’s China.”  Between 2006 and mid-2012, Jude was based in Shanghai and Beijing as the Asian representative for AERF, working with individuals and groups throughout region attempting to advance the cause of liberty and the rule of law.  Prior to joining the foundation, Jude worked as a special correspondent for the Christian Science Monitor and later worked for KPMG.

Jude, a native Vermonter, spoke to students from Prof. Robert Letovsky’s International Marketing, Ethical Issues in Business and Consumer Behavior classes in a combined session held in the Cheray Science Hall.  His presentation drew on his work in China, coupled with his extensive knowledge of Chinese history, politics, government, economics and culture and his experiences in a dozen countries across Asia.  He addressed a number of the questions many Americans are asking about our relationship with China going forward, focusing on the country’s political and economic evolution and what they may mean for us.

The day after his presentation to our students, Jude left for the United Kingdom, where he  was to begin working on a Master’s in Chinese Studies at Oxford University.

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