Owen Glubiak joined EnerNOC of Boston, MA (NASDAQ: ENOC) in November 2013 as an energy procurement consultant in the SupplySMART group.  His primary role is to help an organization with the energy price and risk management process by demystifying the competitive energy market.  He works with his clients to help them measure, manage, and mitigate the risks associated with energy purchases to create an energy strategy tailored to their specific needs.  Once this strategy has been developed, Owen then guides his clients through the steps necessary to choose the right energy supplier with the most favorable contract terms.

As part of this position, Owen also provides guidance and assistance with EnerNOC’s other services in Demand Response, energy efficiency, and utility bill management.  He reports tthat “I love the multifaceted aspect of the role as I am tasked to provide total energy management solutions to companies from all walks of life.”  Though Owen has been in the energy business for several years, he reports that he’s still learning, and that the position with EnerNOC “… has opened my eyes to the incredible complexity of the energy markets, ….and what the driving forces are in the space. ”  An added bonus, he adds, is that the position taps into his interest in and commitment to clean tech and a more sustainable energy future.




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