On February 27, 2013, Professor and Department chairperson Robert Letovsky took students from his BU 409 Business & Public Policy class to the Vermont State House in Montpelier. The students spent the morning attending various standing committees of the House and Senate. A number of these were in session, and students were able to watch testimony and workings at the House Health Care, Natural Resources & Energy, Human Services and Ways & Means Committees, and at the Senate Health & Welfare and Finance Committees. The class then met with Sen. Philip Baruth (D- Chittenden) in the Senate chamber for a brief chat on current issues, followed by lunch in the statehouse cafeteria. Over lunch, the class met with Reps. George Till (D- Chittenden-3), Michelle Kupersmith (D- Chittenden 7-1) and Sens. David Zuckerman (P–Chittenden) and Ginny Lyon (D-Chittenden). After lunch, the class moved into the legislature chamber, and was formally introduced to the legislature by Rep. Till. The day was capped off with a brief session at the Vermont Senate before the group left to come back to campus. All in all, students felt the trip had given them a unique first-hand look at public policymaking at the state level.


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