Patty Richards, Master of Science in Administration ’07, joined Washington Electric Cooperative last May as the General Manager. Washington Electric Co-op serves approximately 11,000 households and businesses in 41 towns in Vermont’s Orange, Washington and Caledonia Counties. Two-thirds of the electricity used by WEC members is generated by WEC’s own landfill gas plant in Coventry, and its small hydro facility at the Wrightsville Reservoir. Patty has had a long history working in the utility world in Vermont. Between 2010 and 2013, she was a Senior Consultant with La Capra Associates, a firm which assists utilities with power supply planning, contracting and management, renewable energy development analysis, rate design and other regulatory matters. Prior to taking the position at La Capra, she was Director of Power Supply and Transmission for the Vermont Public Power Supply Authority, where she managed power supply for several small municipal utilities as well as WEC’s interactions with the New England regional power grid. Patty began her utility career at Burlington Electric Department, where she worked for 17 years in administrative and energy efficiency related positions before becoming its Director of Resource Planning. In that position she gained recognition for her regulatory work at the Public Service Board, at the State House and in energy education programs at schools and colleges.


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