Patrick McFetridge ’12 is working at Vermont Information Processing in Williston, VT as a Projects Manager and Software Implementation Specialist. The company specializes in software for beverage distributors across the country. Patrick travels extensively around the United States to various beer, wine and soda distributors to demonstrate VIP’s software. When not travelling, Patrick spends most of his time on site teaching customers to use VIP’s software through one on one sessions and classroom style lectures. Both his activities on site and on the road require him to have an in depth knowledge of the various features and capabilities of the firm’s software suite, from general ledger information, warehouse management systems, delivery applications to delivery routing systems.

Patrick reports that there are a number of fellow alums at the company, though he is the youngest. He has already acquired his own portfolio of clients and will soon have his own install projects to lead. These projects include both the data conversion necessary for installing the product and then the actual install itself. Once the install project is completed, Patrick’s team is responsible for follow through and primary customer support for a brief period before the customer is transferred to VIP’s Customer Service Department, and Patrick begins the cycle again with another account.

Interestingly, Patrick credits community service he did as a student through the MOVE office for his job at VIP. “ I was assisting in the Milton Youth Day events when I met a woman representing VIP at the event asked if I would be interested in taking a tour of the company…once I was a senior, I took the tour, began the application process and here I am!” He also reports that “the education I acquired at SMC had helped prepare me for the tasks and challenges I face every day in the workplace and on site.” Patrick lives quite near campus, in Winooski with two other SMC grads from the class of 2012. He tells us that I am having a great time working for this company primarily because we are employee owned which creates a great corporate culture!”

Patrick was a member of the team of SMC Business students who won first prize at last year’s State University of New York Plattsburgh Free Enterprise Olympics, a competition involving students from eight colleges and universities in the region (see “Events”, April 1, 2013 posting).


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