Class of 2013 alum, Rob McCarty, reached out the Business Department recently, hoping to reach out to current students and St. Michael’s College alumni about open positions with Staples. Below is a testimonial he wrote describing his time with Staples, since graduation. Rob’s email is attached if you are interested in speaking directly with him!

“The last few months have been more exciting than I ever thought they could be this early in my career. When I took an entry level, outside sales position with the Contract Division of Staples less than two months after graduating in May of 2013, I never thought I could have so much fun at work.


I’ve been lucky enough to be trained by some of the best sales leaders in the industry. Our company strives to give its associates the latest technology available for the task at hand, and truly cares about the people who come to work everyday. 


Mastering the art of social selling, leveraging a deep network of resources and utilizing technology in the field are things we do on a daily basis, and are also some of the major benefits of working for a Fortune 500 company. 


I began as a B2B Sales Consultant in July 2013 following graduation and was responsible for prospecting and setting up meetings on Mondays and Tuesday’s in the office. Wednesday through Friday, I would attend the meetings I had set in previous weeks, during which I provided industry leading solutions to customers. In the role, I found consistent success, challenge and satisfaction.


Being on one of the teams located nearby our corporate HQ in Framingham, MA, we often had opportunities to meet people from different divisions of the company. They were interested in learning more about the ways that we found success in the field, so they could help or share best practices with their teams.


One such opportunity took me across the world to Taipei, Taiwan last August for a week to coach and mentor our Business Development team that is planting its roots in the Taiwan markets.


When I returned, I was lucky to be chosen as the Area Sales Manager for a new division of Staples Contract Sales and have been working to develop a sales process that will be used by hundreds of Account Managers across the country. 


I consider myself extremely fortunate, but always remember the help from my network; personal and professional and all of the hard work that it took to prepare myself for success when the right opportunity arose. 


I’ve heard from several leaders that luck is all about timing and positioning. Timing in a company this big typically is not something that is within my control. Working hard, showing results and developing my leadership is within my control, and I continue to position myself for future opportunities for my colleagues and I as my new team develops.


We’re growing like crazy. If you’re interested in a career with Staples, shoot me an email and we can chat. 


The St. Mike’s community is unlike any other college in the nation. 

Adjusting to the culture at Staples was a seamless transition for me and I hope to help any Alumni that is interested to do the same.”


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