The 2015 Annual Business Bash (held on October 14th) was designed to engage first and second year exploratory and declared business majors and minors, as well as upperclassman interested in adding or switching to business. The program sought to introduce new students to the new curriculum, department professors, and demonstrate the important and value of a degree in business. Our keynote speaker is an alumni who shared his favorite memories of SMC, his post graduate experiences in finding his niche in the work world, and his best advice for students. The program also incorporated an innovative product competition in which students had to work with a group for ten minutes to design a product and prepare a marketing pitch to present to the audience. Our four guest judges selected an indoor home irrigation product as the winner of the competition for its long term market feasibility. Following the program, students were able to network with upperclassmen and discover business groups on campus to get involved with while enjoying candy and hot cocoa.

Below is a picture of the 2015 Winners!business bash

(From LtR- Peter Flanagan, Sara Crowley, Josh Sumner)


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