On Sunday afternoon, 10 student-voted finalists each presented their 5-minute pitch (with a 5-minute question and answer period) to a panel of judges.


1st Place ($1,500)

Sophia Caravella (Exploratory, ’18), Alex Colletta (BU, ’18), Zack Maroon (BU, ’18)

Campus Connect

2nd Place ($1,000)

Megan Priester (Psychology/Elementary Education, ’18)


3rd Place ($750)

Alex Sprague (BU, ’19)

Shire Apparel

All of our students performed exceptionally well.  All finalists deserve to be recognized for their academic achievements and for sharing their passion with the judges and the College community.

v  Willis Reid Breyette (BU/Political Science, ’16) presenting Uganda and the Rights of Sexual Minorities

v  Samuel Costes (Accounting, ’18), Julie Morrison (Art/Elementary Education, ’18), Blaine Schimoler (Computer Science, ’18) presenting Sandie’s Clothing

v  James Popp (BU, ’18) presenting Right Fit

v  Tim Bolger (BU, ’16), Casey Curtin (BU, ’16), Mike Schell (BU, ’16) presenting xPinyon

v  Karen Penafiel (BU, ’16) presenting WithIN Center

v  Eric Simpson (BU, ’17) presenting Alpine Armor

v  Nate Taylor (BU, ’16) presenting Arborvitae


Dr. Sarah Kelly, Vice President for Enrollment and Marketing

Bill Anderson, Chief Information Officer

Graduate alumni Christian Miner (2004) and Angela Côté (2005).


The faculty in the Department of Business Administration and Accounting wish to recognize all the efforts of the organizers of the very successful event: students in Made it in Vermont, SMC Business Society and SMC Enterprises.  Special acknowledgement and thanks to the efforts of Mary Doane (Dec. ’15) and Julia Kirby, DBAA Administrative Assistant


Cash prizes were sponsored from the DBAA and the Office of Admission


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